Our Concept

WineStyles® Tasting Station® was born out of the original WineStyles concept, which was founded in 2002 after a backyard barbeque blind tasting of wines proved the most popular were not the most expensive, but simply the bottles that tasted the best. As a result, WineStyles created a completely new category in the wine retail industry by empowering customers to choose wines based on taste, instead of varietal or region.

Today, our brand has evolved into the WineStyles® Tasting Station® where we encourage guests to Taste, Learn, and Enjoy® the best in wine, craft beer, fine chocolates, artisanal cheeses, and other gourmet items. Wine will always be at our core, but we know consumers are always looking for more.

Unique Retail Experience

WineStyles® Tasting Station® offers guests a unique retail experience and warm ambiance that is reminiscent of an old-world wine cellar. Inside, customers are encouraged to try, experience and learn about each of the products in-store before purchasing.

Additionally, WineStyles® Tasting Station® features dozens of wines and beers by the glass and a variety of gifts, accessories, customizable gift baskets, a frequent buyer program, and monthly wine, beer, and cheese of the month clubs. To further enhance the experience, WineStyles Tasting Station also offers a variety of weekly tastings and special events.

Let’s Taste, Learn and Enjoy® great wines together!

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our flagship WineStyles® Tasting Station® location in West Des Moines, Iowa.

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