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How to Enjoy a Wine Tasting Responsibly

Our annual Pink Party is this weekend! It’s WineStyles’ largest wine tasting of the year, featuring over 40 rosés in an open house-style tasting. These wines are fantastic, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

We want you to enjoy yourself, but sometimes, people get carried away. And this IS a large number of wines.

If you sample them all, those 1-ounce tasting pours add up to more than five glasses of wine during the four-hour event. Depending upon your gender and size, that could easily put you over legal and personal limits. If we believe you’ve had enough, WineStyles will stop serving you.

Let’s be honest. Drinking heavily isn’t really the point of wine tastings, and if you drink as much as possible, you’ll lose the ability to tell the difference between wines.

Consider the people around you, too. It’s not fun to hang out with the stumbling or sick folks who over-consume. So don’t be that guy (or gal).

Six tips for enjoying a wine tasting responsibly:

  1. Eat something. For a large wine tasting like Pink Party, eat a light meal before you go. Food in your system slows down the absorption — and effects — of alcohol. Eat while you’re here, too.

  2. Let someone else drive. Arrange a ride to/from the tasting, or designate a driver in your group. (Buy the DD a nice bottle of wine to enjoy later.) Make sure you have Uber and Lyft apps loaded on your phone and understand how to use them before you start tasting.

  3. Pace yourself. Wine tastings are not a race. Sip, don’t gulp. Take your time, and enjoy the aroma and layers of flavor in each sample.

  4. Know your limits. If the norm for you is an occasional glass of wine, then six samples is probably your personal limit.

  5. Use the spittoon. You can taste wine without consuming it. That’s what spittoons are for. It’s weird, but how do you suppose sommeliers survive full workdays tasting dozens of wines?

  6. Hydrate. Drink water, too, during the wine tasting. It’ll help you feel better later.

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